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What name should I choose for my baby? This is a question that inevitably appears every future parent’s mind. It is a question that can bring answers or more questions to the table. Should it be a popular baby name or an unique baby name? Should the name chosen be in harmony with the surname and its background? Should I consider the length of the name? These are questions that can be overwhelming at times but with our specialized baby name advizor team, we can provide you with a personalized name analysis that can make your decision easier. You might be thinking, what does a full name analysis mean? A full name analysis is a complex analysis based on scientific data (a name’s background, spelling, tonality and its compatibility with the surname) and statistical data(masculine/feminine,classic,strong etc) that can help you choose the best name for your child from thousands of possible baby names. An example of a full name analysis can be found HERE.

Next, we will try to come up with some tips in desire to help you choose the best girl name or boy name for your baby. Our first advice when choosing your baby’s name is to take into consideration as much as you can the family name, the background and the tonality of the name. If the family name is a common one (such as Johnson, Miller or Williams), our advice is to avoid the top names or common names and try something  that is less used or why not an unique name which contrary to many opinions can have many benefits. Children with more unusual names can learn to control their impulses and emotions being teased by people who constantly ask them about their names. Children actually benefit from this experience by learning to control their impulses and emotions, which is a great skill for success. 

At the opposite pole are the family name that are rare or even unique in the area you live. In this case we advise you to contrabalance the unique family name, hard to pronounce maybe, with a simple name easy to spell and memorized but with good tonality. You also need to be very careful about the strange or even comical meaning that can arise by simply joining the first name and the family name such as Chris P. Bacon or Moe Lester let’s say. Another aspect that should be taken into consideration is the tonality of the name especially the letters that enter its composition. Believe it or not the name can influence the destiny of your child.In 1985, psychologist Jozef Nuttin discovered the name-letter effect. This is the phenomenon where people can prefer the letters in their names over the other letters in the alphabet. The name-letter effect has been replicated in dozens of studies, involving subjects from over 15 countries, using four different alphabets. It holds across age and gender. In studies like these, the name letter preference task is widely used to estimate implicit self esteem.

Studies show that your child’s name can influence the school that they will attend, the career that will follow and even the place where they will choose to live. Studies show that certain names appear more often in certain types of colleges than others (some of these studies are found in the Learn more and Media sections). For example, a person named Eleanor is more likely to go to Oxford University than someone named Jade. There are many other examples like how Katherine is more common in philosophy classes than Alex, who’s name is more common in math classes. According to studies, Barrett is a more likely choice for football players while Percival is a more likely choice for golf or tennis players.

,,I got my first name from my father, and I got my middle name from someone who obviously didn't think I'd ever run for president"

Barack Hussein Obama

To choose a baby name for your child can be extremely complicated and can have certain long-term consequences. As famous professor David Figlio said, “ In ways we are only beginning to understand, children with different names but the exact same upbringing grow up to have remarkably different life outcomes. If you want to give your child a name that connotes low status, then you need to be aware of the consequences”. We will conclude with good news: you are not alone! Our consulting team can help you in choosing the perfect name for your baby.

“Is a name a guaranteed ladder to success? Of course not. But can a name make your life a little bit easier? For sure.”

David Nicholas Figlio

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