The Importance of Your Children’s Names

When you’re trying to conceive, or are already pregnant, choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important things of this special journey. Your kid’s name can impact their future for the best, or the worse. Why picking the right name for your child is so important is because of the following reasons:

In their adult life, people are subjected to nominative determinism. This means that people with certain names tend to gravitate towards jobs fitting that name. Think of all the accountants named ‘John’.

Also, picking a name that’s associated with someone or something negative can influence the way your kid is treated by others. This is called the ‘Mere-exposure effect’. A huge example of this is the name ‘Adolf’. Once incredibly popular in both Germany and many other Germanic countries, it is now avoided as much as possible due to the negative associations with this name. This works the other way around as well, think of all the Hermiones born after Harry Potter was released.

Taking into account the Pygmalion-effect, your kid can go places when given the right name. This effect causes people to lower or rise their expectations based upon the name or characteristics of someone else. Let’s say your child was named Albert just after Albert Einstein got famous, their teacher (and maybe even their parents) would have higher expectations from this child. Most of the time, the child’s performance is then enhanced to match its expectations, creating a lot of potential.

Picking a name for your child isn’t just something you do within a day. It needs to be well thought out, match your family name, your child’s personality and help their future life’s as well. At Enlight Consulting, we work with name experts to find the best possible name for your future children. We create a profile based upon multiple questions for you and your spouse to answer and provide you with a few options to choose from. This helps to lift the burden of having to pick a name by yourselves.

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